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Personality DNA ReportIncludedIncluded
Introduction Webinar with Dr. Carlos DavidovichIncludedIncluded
Personality DNA Book XIncluded
5 Leadership Reports
Customized Interactive Webinars led by
Dr. Carlos Davidovich
Group Discussions and Events with Career and Leadership ExpertsXIncluded
Networking EventsXIncluded
Career Opportunity IntroductionsXIncluded
PRICING$ 0Introductory Pricing: $ 199 / Yr.
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Details of the LeadersEd Premium Membership Features

LeadersEd will continue to evolve and include new features that our members find make the most impact on their career journey.   

Come back regularly as we plan to continue to make LeadersEd suit the needs of all Leaders and Future Leaders

Personality DNA Book 

You will receive a Personality DNA Book that provides detailed content on each personality.

5 Leadership Reports

These reports outline your potential for success at the Manager/Director, Executive/VP and C-Suite levels. Learn what Natural Talents you need to be strong at in order to be successful at each of these levels of leadership.

Interactive and Online Webinars led by Personality DNA Co-Author

Some Topics Dr. Davidovich will cover:
1) How to interpret your Personality DNA results
2) In-depth Overview of your Personality Type(s)
3) How to Leverage your Natural Talents
4) How to improve the Natural Talents that you need to be Successful at Different Levels of Leadership
 .......and more to come!

Group Discussions and Events with Career and Leadership Experts

You will have access to group discussions with industry leaders as well as talent acquisition professionals.

These Partners have been hand selected and are top career and leadership experts recognized in their field.

Networking Events

We will invite you to customized events including round table discussions with a community of like-minded individuals.

Career Opportunity Introductions 

Members who are currently looking for new opportunities can identify themselves as such and LeadersEd will endeavor to make introductions to employers for those members.