LeadersEd offers a membership platform for leaders and future leaders to empower their career journey and employers a place to discover them.

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The Four Pillars of A LeadersEd Membership

Self Discovery

Your LeadersEd career journey begins by leveraging the Personality DNA assessment reports. You will discover your natural talents, your potential success at different levels of leadership, and what careers best align with those natural talents.


You will have access to customized interactive webinars, on demand content and experts in the leadership and career management field for continuous learning.


You can build relationships with a like-minded community of individuals by participating in networking groups and round table discussions.

Exposure to New Opportunities

If you're open to a career change you will be considered for opportunities with companies that align with your career goals and aspirations.

Start Your Self Discovery

We offer an individually customized career journey which starts with completing the Personality DNA Assessment. This is a scientifically proven assessment tool used to determine your unique Personality Type. Once you truly understand your natural talents and potential challenges you can begin a customized career journey.

Start the Personality DNA Assessment

Personality DNA Book

Based on research by Larry Cash & Carlos Davidovich their book Personality DNA – Discover your True Personality

“A significant scientific breakthrough providing a framework for self-awareness centering us in a rapidly changing world. This research differentiates who we really are and predicts individual, group and organizational performance.

Application of the Personality DNA framework provided immediate benefit to managers and staff by revealing the core of each individual. This supported self-acknowledgement, focus on contribution, connection with others and development based on purpose. A must read with the bonus of immediate practical use that drives business results.” Pelly Shafto, Principal, SVP, CHRO

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The Value of a LeadersEd Membership!

Your improved self awareness will lead to increased levels of confidence and happiness!

Direct access to conversations with experts in career management means you're not alone!

Knowing your Personality DNA Type we are able to offer an individually customized career journey!

You can engage at your own pace. We understand that everyone's career journey is unique!

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